Saturday, September 08, 2007

Main Street Views

This undated (but most likely 1950’s) shot is slightly blurry, but gives a nice view of Main Street without the somewhat garish paint scheme that one currently sees. Power lines in the background are definitely out of place! Shot #2 is from May 1967; the little boy looks like he is waiting for change from the Wooden Indian in front of the cinema. On the left you’ll see a sign for the Book and Candle Shop, between the Crystal Arcade and the Upjohn Pharmacy. View #3 is a repost, but thought I’d show it again since I believe it is an interior shot of the Book and Candle.

Last but not least is this Town Square shot from December 1975, showing off the Christmas Tree with the Disneyland Band on the right.

On another topic: the long-awaited Disneyland Secrets, Stories and Magic DVD is finally being released after many delays; it has been in mothballs since its announced release for the 50th over 2 years ago. Now expanded into a collector’s 2-Disc set it is available for pre-order on In addition, you can pre-order the historic Oswald cartoon set, available in a 2-Disc DVD set on

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Major Pepperidge said...

Love the Main Street photos, and am looking forward to those "Treasures" DVDs as well, especially the Disneyland one. I hope they really do the job this time and pull out some rare stuff!