Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Alice & Castle Medley

Today is an odds and ends medley; one I may have posted but I couldn’t find it, so in case it’s a rerun, my apologies (with nearly 400 entries, it can be difficult to remember). First picture is from August 3, 1959 showing Alice’s Dark the light portion of the ride. Just barely making it into the shot on the left are one of the vintage round Skyway buckets. Shot #2 is an undated view of the Teacups, featuring my favorite cat-eye style sunglasses.

Snow White’s Wishing Well, circa June 1964:

Here’s one of the Castle from August, 1958; I have also included a detailed closeup of the Gepetto’s Workshop sign.

Last one for today is a nice view of the castle from October 1956:

For Cox Pilot, here’s a detail of the March 1964 Town Square Shot:

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Major Pepperidge said...

That first pic of the Alice attraction is fantastic! And the last one showing the detail of the entrance to the Mickey Mouse Club headquarters on Main Street is pretty awesome too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic of the MM club. And, great visual memories of the grotto. Even after all these years I can still hear the music "I'm wishing...", echoing from the well, and the fish turning and rising from the lagoon while spraying water. It was the last place to visit before the hot chocolate at Carnation Plaza, and heading home. (We would always cut through the castle sideways, past the joke shop & toy shop.)