Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tencennial: Tomorrowland

Today’s Tencennial kicks off with 3 Monorail shots—2 yellow and 1 red. There is something about this sleek original design that is timeless; the current version just leaves a little something to be desired.

This Skyway shot shows the “new” square bucket design, as the buckets fly through the Matterhorn towards the Tomorrowland Station.

These sub shots are purty darn good too; especially for all you mermaid fans out there. I have included closeup shots, which also show the Motor Boats in the background.

Tomorrow’s installment will be the last of this series, featuring Town Square.

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Chris Merritt said...

What is going on in this shot?


It looks like a cast member in a Tiki Room dress sneaking into some sort of a storage hold? I never worked Subs - anyone else know what that is?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Chris noticed the same thing I did, what the heck is that? I see it an another one of these shots too (KTPBKYC_9_65_N12R2.jpg). I have never seen that before (or I never noticed it). Hey Dave, was it a storage locker for the Mermaids? If so, why is Ethel Merman in a Tikiroom Dress going inside of it? LOL!

Dave always brings us something new and unusual! Thanks for the Motorboat closeups, I am one of those "fans" - I miss it almost as much as the PeopleMover...

Did I mention I LOVE this series!!!! Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

I had the same question as everyone else. Muy mysterioso! But very cool.

These are some awesome photos, beautiful color. Love the mermaids, the Monorail, the Skyway, etc....

Matterhorn1959 said...

Let me chime in with what is going on? Maybe a rivalry started from when the softball teams from the Tiki Room played the Submarines and the Tiki Room is exacting revenge? Or maybe just some teenage hijinks?

Anonymous said...

That's actually a mermaid entering the changing room. They used the tiki mumu while transitioning from backstage. The cover was added on top of the old service dock so that the public did not see them put on their lower fish half. It included a small air unit for ventilation. Early on it was a canvas covering (Sub ride pic "Mermaids in Lagoon, date unknown"), then became metal to go along with the rest of the maintenance boxes (as in Sub ride pic "George Washington Sub, March 1968" & "April 1966"). Notice it was gone in the photo "June 1970". Come on guys, you all probably could have figured this out if you just cruise around ALL the photos. Grrrrrate job Dave.

Adam Hazlett said...

You hit the mother load of mermaid pics!
What a find! WHAT BABES! Yowza! I hit my nose on the screen trying to jump into the water after them!
Thanks Dave!