Sunday, September 16, 2007

Storybook Assortment

Yup, it’s Spring Cleaning in September. Here is an assortment of shots through the years of Storybook Land. Just making way for the HUUUUGE (and I mean huge!) Tencenniel series starting tomorrow (that's Monday, peeps). First 2 shots today are from August 3, 1959, and shows a little cutie about to get eaten by Monstro. Oh,, she escapes out his backside and ends up in Storybook Land. Phew! No wonder she looks so calm.

Here are 3 shots of Pinocchio’s Village, from August 1958, June 1964, and an undated view.

Last one for today is this undated look (most likely 1950’s) at Mr. Toad’s Hall:

Compare and contrast with this modern-day view:

See more vintage (and current) Storybook photos at my regular website.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Uh oh, if you say your upcoming series is going to be huge, I can't even imagine what to expect!

Meanwhile, I thought Toad Hall had been removed from Storybook Land...was it just moved?

Daveland said...

Major - Unless it's been removed in the last few months, it's still there. And yes, I'd say judging by the background, it has been moved.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures as always, Dave. Thank you for changing the color. Much, much better on the old peepers :-).

Matterhorn1959 said...

I love the costumes on the Storybook Canal Boat cast members. They look like Little Bo-Peep. Much more fun than the current costumes. And yes Toad Hall was moved when they put in Agrabah from Aladdin. It was going to be removed, but the fan and WDI outcry was too loud so they moved it and shrunk the size of the estate.