Friday, September 14, 2007

Through the Years: Matterhorn Medley

I present a chronological series of the Matterhorn today, beginning with Nixon & his family on the momentous day in June 1959 when the Matterhorn, Submarine Voyage, and Monorail were officially unveiled. Nixon’s family actually christened the Monorail that day. Pic 2 is from the same summer, August 3 to be exact.

From July 1961, including a glimpse of the Monsanto House of the Future:

January 1962:

This cracks me up to see this guy plugged in to play his accordion, from Nov. 29, 1963:

Another 11/29/63 view, showing the Annual Christmas Star atop the Matterhorn:

Finally, an August 1976 Bicentennial year shot:

See more Matterhorn photos on my main website.


Major Pepperidge said...

I've always wondered if they built the Matterhorn with planned pathways for climbing (handholds and footholds)?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and included piton rings for the ropes. And, there was a small elevator up the center. It was used for Tinkerbell's ride down the wire to behind adventureland.

walterworld said...

Notice the flags at half-mast in the 11/63 photo. Due to the Kennedy assassination no doubt...

Anonymous said...

Yes. 11/29/63 was a Friday, exactly one week after the JFK assasination. How well I remember it. I was in the 8th grade, only 6 miles from the park.