Monday, January 08, 2007


Although it doesn’t seem to get out of the dock as much as the Mark Twain, the Columbia is still a way cool ride around the Rivers of America. This first slide is undated, but most likely Spring 1958, before it was completed and christened in June. Here it is being put together in Fowler’s Harbor. The rest of the post are some bw photos, again, undated, but I am guessing early shots. Any info on the people, dates, etc. would be great.

This last one, from the same batch, is kind of cool in that it shows the muddy bank over by Fowler’s Harbor.

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Chris Merritt said...

I think that may be Admiral Joe Fowler in the last shot... Patrick?

Major Pepperidge said...

AMAZING construction shot of the Columbia. The others are super nice too. I keep imagining that you have a subterranean vault full of thousands of slides and photos! ;-)

Daveland said...

The Columbia shot was one I almost passed over as something from another area when I was going through a box of slides. A vault?!? Hardly...but it is a cool thought!