Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Parking Lot

Here’s a parking lot shot from April, 1966. And to add a little controversy, I am throwing in some March 1968 shots of characters from that NASTY NASTY movie “Song of the South” (anyone who thinks I'm being serious about it being nasty, please have a cocktail). It always cracks me up that the movie can’t be released because it’s so racist, but the characters can be featured in one of Disneyland’s most popular attraction. Huh?

This last one is from September 1969.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The top photo is taken from the old Monorail Station and Gift
Shops building at the Disneyland Hotel. I like you can see the Anaheim Convention Center and then the swooping Monorail track, almost a version of Tomorrowland. And in the bottom photo, the blond with the colorful dress is holding an awful big New Orleans Square bag. Maybe she has purchased one of the prints from the old One of a Kind shop that was located where the Pirate shop expansion is now. In the background can be seen the sign for the Hills Brother Coffee House.