Friday, January 05, 2007

Trip to Disneyland June 1963, Pt. 2

Today’s 1963 family trip begins in Adventureland, and yes Amazon...a ride under Schweitzer Falls. Unfortunately, the boat is not close enough to make out the name. After hanging with the hippos, the family climbed up the Swiss Family Robinson tree to see how the treehouse plumbing works (sure do miss that part).

After all that climbing and adventuring, they decided to relax a little at the Golden Horseshoe and catch the show from the balcony.

Finishing off today’s batch are a few shots from the Rivers of America, showing the Mark Twain, a raft to Tom Sawyer’s (back when kids knew who that was, before they became ig-no-rant), and one of those much missed Keel Boats. See you tomorrow for more 1963 fun!

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Major Pepperidge said...

These slightly sepia-toned b&w photos give the images an almost dream-like quality.

Tinker Bell said...

Agreed, Major. I love the tonal qualities to these shots. They're exquisite. Very nicely done!