Monday, January 01, 2007

Main Street Medley

Sorry for the late post; I have spent most of the day updating my regular website. Again, many thanks to all who make this blog work worthwhile; the comments and new info to me make it all worth it. Just the other day I was left a comment by the daughter-in-law of one of the Keystone Kops who was featured in a picture from the 50’s here. THAT kind of stuff is just too cool. Again...many thanks. Today’s post is a hodge-podge of Main Street images, starting off with my fave Main Street mode of transportation, the Omnibus from 1958. From March 1959, we see the Matterhorn under construction as well as the defunct information booth on Town Square. Although removing it opens the space up, I’m sure this well-placed booth provided many a first-timer with great info.

The next 2 shots are from March 1968 and give a nice view of a number of now defunct Main Street shops (Tobacco at Disneyland? Pshaw! Smokers are practically banished to the seamiest sides of the park now!).

Although this one is blurry, since you rarely see the inside of the Penny Arcade, I have included this 1969 shot anyway.

This 1969 shot is just adorable; you couldn’t have created a more picture-perfect moment.

I am jumping a few decades (1995 to be exact) to show this one which I recently uncovered and scanned; it shows former Main Street pianist Rod Miller, who added more than his share of color to the area with his amazing talents.

Leaving the park for awhile, this picture is from 1969 and shows a little bugger peering out over the parking lot, anticipating his day of excitement.

Jumping ahead again, here is a 1995 shot of the old front sign.

...and I think that’s all for today, folks. Hope that keeps you busy until Wednesday!

More Main Street, U.S.A. photos at my regular website.


Anonymous said...

Love the shots of the park, old & new!

Anonymous said...

cool. who would have thought that a parking lot would provide such wistful memories. i also remember the tobacconist shop(or was it shoppe)? anyway, i almost keeled over when i paid $3.75 for a can of copenhagen. (thank God i dropped that habit). love the shot of Rod Miller, i have dealt with him all of my life, he is sorely missed!

Major Pepperidge said...

What, only 9 photos today?? ;-)

I don't know how you can do this without running out of slides in a month!

Bree said...

I loved that old Disneyland sign, I wish they would have kept it, it added more whimsey in the park, so many of those things are sadly dissappearing. Thanks for the nostalgia.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

The second pic has a sign to the left of the Emporium that says 'Parcel Check Room.' Was that like the current program, where you can check your purchases in and pick them up later? It's a great idea- I wonder when it was removed?

Great view of the Hills Bros Coffee Garden in the Mickey pic, along with a great themed trashcan.