Thursday, January 18, 2007

Indian Village Medley

Wow - didn’t know the Flight Circle and Art Corner would get the comments going again. Who knew?!? So for today, I’ll make things a little calmer in the comment department by posting some Indian Village slides. The headliner is from 1955; They all look so happy to be together.
Shot two is taken at the Ceremonial Dance circle, December 26, 1955 (looks like it was warmer back then).

Coming in for a rip-roaring finish are these other 1950’s slides. In all honesty, this would be cool to have at DLand; much better than Winnie the Pooh.

These guys look like they have more attitude than the Supremes.

Be sure to catch the Buffalo/Bison on the left side of this shot.

For more Indian Village photos, visit my regular website.


Tinker Bell said...

I agree this would be a lot more fun than Pooh. They don't look quite as happy as Pooh does, but I like authenticity. Although I must say, I'd love to have a photo taken between Unhappy American Indian and Pooh. I think I'd blow that one up to an 8X10. :P

Kevin Kidney said...

These are fascinating photographs!
I think nothing shows the expanse of time separating the Disneyland of yesterday and today as images of the Indian Village. The original Park planners made such a sincere effort to educate and give visitors a taste of the 'true-life' wonders of our world. In contrast, it made the fantasy aspect of the Park so much more effective, as well. Today the whole Park is practically one big Fantasyland, with animated cartoon characters "living" in every realm. Have we really lost interest in the 'natural wonders' of people, places, science and nature? I really don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Just a minor point of clarification: It appears that not all of these Indian Village shots are from the same 'Critter Country' location. While the location of most of these are near where 'Pooh' is now -a few are taken at the other Indian Village near the Jungle Cruise (the ones where you see buildings).

Daveland said...

Miehana - Very well put. It is nice to have a mix of the fantasy and the education; obviously that was the intent of Walt’s original Tomorrowland and parts of Adventureland and Frontierland. And Anonymous - I was not aware that there were 2 Indian Villages, but based upon the location of the castle in the background and the Adventureland sign, it would look as if you were correct. What stands in the spot today where the other Indian Village was?

Anonymous said...

The indian village site near the Jungle Cruise would be near where the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean is today, generally speaking. If you look at the background of the one shot, you can see some people walking across the bridge that once connected the Rivers of America to the Jungle Cruise - the 'back entrance' to Adventureland - hence the Adventureland banner you can see in a couple shots. There are many old aerial photos of this bridge area that will help you pinpoint where you would be today. In fact, looking closer at your shots, five of the six you have posted were taken at the older 'Jungle Cruise' location. Hope that helps some.