Friday, February 14, 2020

San Diego at 5am

One of my favorite times to shoot is early in the morning, just before the sun comes out. Maybe it sounds crazy, but you get the city ALLLLLL to yourself. Hardly any people, plenty of parking, and while the silence can be a bit eerie, it’s also super relaxing and allows the brain to think better. Ah...creativity! It also helps when you have a friend to shoot with who can climb and has a sense of adventure!

The trolley station is a favorite location of mine to shoot, with its ever-changing rainbow of colored lights.

This bridge near the Convention provided some amazing views of downtown all lit up.

Colors are different this time of day, too. The sky has no sunshine at this time of day, but there’s plenty fo “light pollution” from all the streetlights and signage that have yet to be extinguished.

Horton Plaza was completely empty, save for a security guard or too. The perfect place to get your morning stretch going.

The once vibrant mall there has been completely abandoned, awaiting its next concept. You almost expect a zombie or two to appear.

The final shot of the morning was the marquee for the Balboa Theatre, one of the historic gems of downtown San Diego.

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Anonymous said...

Sad to hear about Horton Plaza. I visited once when it was new and the bee's knee's, so to speak.

Lots of fun.


Daveland said...

I also remember when it first opened. It was a huge deal! I loved the look of it, but the navigation of it kinda' sucked. I know it was designed to encourage shoppers to "get lost" and discover other stores, but instead it was just a nuisance.