Monday, February 24, 2020

Pee Wee and Terry

When I was recently at the Dearly Departed Museum in Hollywood photographing it for posterity, Scott (the man behind the museum) introduced me to Terry Bolo, who did tours for him. I had met her previously, but this was the first time I was told a little bit of her background. SHE WAS IN “PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE”! As soon as he told me, I remembered her immediately. She had a bit part in the bar scene as “Biker Chick.”

Originally from Detroit, Terry always dreamed of being an actress. She moved to Hollywood as a teen to be closer to family. Once she was out of school, she started taking acting classes at the Strasberg Institute in the early 70’s and became one of the original founding members of the famous improv comedy troupe, The Groundlings, which led to her being cast in “Carrie” (1976).

Many of the Groundlings (including Terry, Edie McCurg and Doug Cox) got cast in “Carrie.” Terry also worked as a stand-in for Sissy Spacek. She was the only minor character to go to the 40th Anniversary of “Carrie” in 2016. Here she is with Nancy Allen and P. J. Soles (photo by David Sobel). “Mean Girls of Carrie, 40 years later! I wore the light pink dress à la Sissy, and the red scarf for the blood!”

Other roles included a passenger in “Animal House,” “Ghostbusters,” “Airplane 2,” “Little Miss Sunshine” (an uncredited pageant worker), and parts in the television shows “Newhart,” “St. Elsewhere” (as a hooker!), and “Alice.” She has taught improv classes and coached actors. But back to Pee Wee…remember when this actress tells all the bikers she wants to have her way with Pee Wee?

It’s none other than Cassandra Peterson, aka “Elvira.”

But back to Pee Wee…who saved his life by donning a pair of white shoes and dancing to “Tequila.”

The beer bottle never left Terry’s hand, even as Pee Wee rides off into a billboard when he borrows one of the gang’s cycles.

At the end of the film, Pee Wee’s “movie” debuts at the drive-in and all the cast reappears…

except for Terry. I couldn’t find her when the biker gang reappeared. BIG mistake on Pee Wee’s part.

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