Thursday, October 10, 2019

James Dean in San Diego

This series of images from 1956 was taken in downtown San Diego, and showcases the 1910 Broadway fountain designed by Irving Gill. In this first shot, you can juuuuuuuust see the theater marquee on the right side heralding James Dean in E. I’m assuming the movie is “East of Eden.” At the Cabrillo Theater the movie “Navy Wife” with Joan Bennett is playing as well as “Screaming Eagles” with Tom Tryon. And of course the Birdman of Alcatraz. Or San Diego. Or someplace. He just has a way with the birds.

Want to read the news? Durn litterbug.

This next image from the batch shows a wider view of the downtown plaza.

…and the Birdman.

A view of an information kiosk. Note the billboard at the top of the slide advertising singer Jane Froman and comic Jack Durant.

A closeup of the info kiosk:

Final shot from this trio pans to the left of where the Broadway Fountain is:

BRIEFLY returning to present day...the Hotel St. James sign barely visible in this previous image is still there today!

Back to the past...I wonder if the B/L Buffet has any vegan options?

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Stefano said...

The architecture, the fountain, the signage and marquees, the color combos and landscaping --- it's all so inviting, for a casual stroll or lounging and people watching.
There is also a place for more intense purpose: the sailor, "James Lean", has gotten his information and is now on the prowl.

Major Pepperidge said...

It would be neat if you could take photos of those areas so that we can see what they look like today!

Daveland said...

Major - one of these days! On my proverbial "to-do" list!

KimTisha said...

Love these photos. The Birdman looks like he might be feeding them, doesn't he, and the child looks fascinated. Maybe he's a busker, entertaining near the fountain. Lots going on in this photo, so much to see, it's an inviting peek into gentler times.