Friday, July 13, 2018

Futurama Friday, Pt. 1

I know very little about these amazing images, other than the seller said that they were from the estate of a man who worked on the design/build of the Kelvinator "Atoms For Living" kitchen at Disneyland's Monsanto House of the Future. Images one and two appear to be color renderings of the kitchen area.

These next three black and white images look like they were shot during the construction phase.

The Monsanto House of the Future is one of those cult-like kitschy pieces of vintage Disneyland. People love hearing the story about how the wrecking ball bounced off of the home's exterior when Disney attempted to tear it down to make way for a "new" Tomorrowland.

A model poses in a very bare kitchen.

Come back again next week to see what the kitchen looks like with props!

See more vintage Disneyland House of the Future photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

It's interesting to see recurring elements like the "T" formed by the end of the table. That shape was used in so many places in the '67 redux of Tomorrowland from tracks, overhangs, even the shapes of signs that mimicked a cross-section of that shape. Truly fantastic pic today Dave, what a glimpse into the planning of the plastihouse.

Matthew said...

Agree with Fithrider. GREAT post today. Love the illustrations. Beautiful design. Congratulations on the purchase Dave.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle