Tuesday, July 10, 2018

80s Flashback: Storybook Land Pt. 1

Not convinced that Disneyland was all about the details? Just check out this tiny sign hanging from one of the Village Buildings in Storybook Land. You'd probably never notice it while zooming by on Casey Jr., but you sure can see it in a photograph. Most places wouldn't have bothered with something so small; which is why Disneyland was so special.

The Tremaine home:

By the 80s, I'm sure some of these buildings were looking a little rough from the wear and tear of California sunshine. A little patch job is visible in this shot.

In case you weren't sure who lives here, just read the mailbox, silly!

The crowning glory of Storybook Land is Cinderella's Castle:

A closer look at the clock face:

I've always loved this pumpkin coach detail:

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Anonymous said...

Story Book Land is the best of the original attractions, IMHO. I love the miniature landscapes, and the detail makes it even more fascinating.

Thanks Dave.


Stefano said...

Thanks Dave, especially for the last two pix; I have loved that pumpkin coach since childhood. Somehow it seemed the best view of it was a little further away, gliding by on the Skyway. Even better at night, as it glowed with a tiny light inside ( as did the White Rabbit hole in the Alice scene).

This is the first time I've consciously seen that tiny sign, but the unconscious takes in everything and the quality of Storybook Land may be deeply felt; we can't always fully explain why we love something.