Tuesday, July 17, 2018

80s Flashback: Fantasyland, Pt. 2

Today's 1980s images show The Village Haus, the little restaurant tucked into the back of Fantasyland.

Even zooming in, too blurry to really read the sign. Sorry folks!

The last shot I got of the Village Haus before it was rethemed and renamed:

Today it's the Red Rose Taverne, a quick-service "Beauty and the Beast" themed tavern for casual fare with a "dash of French flair" that's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Matthew said...

Nooooo! They changed the theme of the restaurant??!!! How could they?! I wonder if it still shows Figaro pulling the Exit sign to be centered between the two doorways? (As here https://davelandweb.com/fantasyland/#villagehaus ) with his counter part at Disneyland Paris Village Haus (as seen here http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lZSqDVB8QzQ/ToKPzIhK-hI/AAAAAAAAIW0/S9yGJMipcbc/s1600/DSC_0526.JPG )

Zooming in on the menu... too blurry to see... but there was a famous burger called the "Woodcarver." You see, there was a side window for Cast Members (separated by a wall and out of sight from Guests) that we could order food from at the Village Haus. This location was very convenient for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Cast Members as it was directly behind Train Storage. We would order our meal and sit at a little picnic table in Train Storage and enjoy a wonderful, high-calorie meal, that our 19 year old bodies would burn almost instantly. I was not a fan of the burger myself... but it seems all my friends were. I think it was a chili burger if I'm not mistaken.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle