Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vintage Disneyland Railroad

A few vintage shots of the Disneyland Railroad today. I am going to hazard a guess that this first shot is from late 1955/early 1956, as it appears that some of the scenery is being staked out along the Rivers of America. Shouldn't they shut that door from the Combine Car while the train is in motion?!?

This early black and white image is probably from 1955; not much growing along the River yet.

A detailed view of some people standing along the banks while the E.P. Ripley rides by.

And a closeup of the Colorado Rockies Passenger Car:

From the same batch of negatives comes this shot of the C.K. Holliday:

A closeup of the cab; anyone able to identify these men?

Last one shows the Ripley again:

Loving that moose in the foreground!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. What an early set of pictures showing boxed trees and such wide open spaces still underdevelopment. I'd like to think that Walt is in that group surveying the site. Looks like Fowler may be in it too. I also wonder if some lucky guests back then would be invited to ride the tender car. I was lucky enough to do a ride along a couple times but I was an employee who knew an engineer or two (I was even in my Pirate outfit). KS

Snow White Archive said...

It was an exciting time back in 1955. Brand new park and the sky was the limit for the imagination. It would have been super cool if a lucky guest or two did get invited to ride the tender car.

Anonymous said...

I think that moose is still along the river!