Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Christmas at the Market House

Today's vintage shot is from the Market House on Main Street, circa December 1959. These two gals are resting their weary feet on the potbelly stove. Today, there is no relaxation in this spot; it's the queue for Starbucks.

The stove has changed and been moved over to the side.

To get that bitter taste out of your mouth, here's a previously unpublished 1950s shot of the Market House exterior:

Zooming in for a better look at the White Wing and the Horse-drawn Streetcar:

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Anonymous said...

I remember long ago my folks and I warming ourselves in front of that pot belly stove. And getting wonderful dill pickles right out of the barrel too. That's when Main Street felt like a real street of sorts. Now its an upscale strip mall. KS

Chuck said...

I think that's the famous white wing named Trinidad in the last two photos.

Anonymous said...

@KS, my Dad said the old Market House reminded him of the store when he was a kid, stove, pickles, coffee grinder, the whole deal.

Thanks Dave, for a look back.