Monday, November 06, 2017

Williamsburg Wrap-up

Time to wrap-up my Virginia travels with this post summarizing some of the highlights of my Colonial Williamsburg visit. I began my morning at the R. Charlton Coffeehouse, where I enjoyed a delicious cup of hot chocolate. The good stuff. Not Swiss Miss.

The employees there were all dressed in period appropriate garb, and spoke as if it were the 18th century. No knowledge of anything from our current time period.

The Governor's Palace was a the top of my list; I captured it at sunset shortly after my arrival:

...and took a tour the next day.

By no means opulent like one might expect, it is still tasteful and classy!

I am not really much of a tour person; I prefer to stroll through areas at my own pace without questions from other tourists. What makes Williamsburg special are the craftsman that work throughout the area, practicing the trades that were mastered during this time period.

And even just seeing the "characters" that inhabited the streets. It was like stepping back in time. Until you saw a slob of a tourist trampling by. Kind of like Christopher Reeve looking at that modern day penny (some of you might get that reference).

Naturally I was drawn to the cemeteries. Love those handcrafted headstones that show the ravages of time.

Here's proof that Coke kills:

Overall I had a wonderful time in Colonial Williamsburg. Would I go back? Definitely. Does it need to be anytime soon? Probably not. Two days was plenty to tour and absorb the 18th Century, as it was envisioned during it's 1930's restoration.

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Matthew said...

Nice modern day reference. I can still hear John Barry's beautiful soundtrack playing in the background (which can, at times, sound like other John Barry soundtracks). Thank you for the tour, photos and commentary. I look forward to making my first trip to Colonial Willlamsburg. I should add... I went back and started watching the AMC Original Series, Turn, since reading your blog.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Dave, you have the option to become a freelance travel reporter should you decide to change careers. Good as always. KS

JFSinIL said...

I wish I could go back to Williamsburg - I read an article years ago in Gourmet Magazine (back when it was good) about Williamsburg at Christmas - that is when I would like to go.

We did go with four kids a dozen years ago, and the first night, when everything was closed for the day, we simply walked the streets in the dark, and the kids ran around catching fireflies. It was magical.