Friday, November 10, 2017

1950s Town Square Blowout

Let's spend a day in Town Square, circa 1950s! This first image was marked 1957. Whether that's correct or not, you can tell by the sparse landscaping on the hill behind the Fire Department that it's definitely early Disneyland! In this detailed view, you can see the Disneyland News available in front of City Hall.

A closeup of the Fire Department and Bekins Storage, which is now part of the Main Street Emporium.

The rest of today's images are from the Harry Pollak collection, circa 1957. This is the same gent who brought you images of New Orleans, which was most likely from the same trip out West that he journeyed on from Wilmington, Delaware.

Were the three gals in front of the Fire Department waiting for Walt?

Harry shows us the newfangled Horseless Carriage in this image: well as the never-to-be-finished International Street:

Two more gorgeous shots of early Town Square from Harry:

He was a photographer after my own heart!

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Fifthrider said...

Wow, evidence of International Street and that hill behind Bekins... There really aren't too many times I've ever seen the land, itself, just foliage. Such infancy for the park. I only recently learned all Bekins storage were brick buildings for fire prevention reasons. ( Makes sense, I should have known. ) I think about that old Bekins with the locker storage every time I'm in the park and can't help but to dwell on the differences, then and now.

I have to admit, this Harry fellow sure lined up his shots really well, no blur, good development, enough light, etc. That's kind of nice to come across older photos with such a professional standard.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a time when Main Street wasn't filled (clogged) with people (sigh). KS