Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Harry goes to New Orleans, 1957

In 1957 a man named Harry Pollack traveled west from Delaware. I love this image he shot to begin his series of slides that he would shoot along the way. Today's post shows the photos he took in New Orleans. This one sure makes me hungry for some pralines!

Something about the architecture here and the wrought iron grillwork that really speaks to me.

A detailed view of the shops. Interesting how both book and print shops have had to change quite a bit in the last decade to stay viable.

On the left side of this detailed view, it would appear that there are boxes of beignet mix perhaps? The design you see today is very much the same.

The Old Absinthe House:

Looks like this guy might be selling postcards or photos:

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Anonymous said...

I do love New Orleans, both the real place and the Disney version. This is one of the world's very unique places. Nowhere else like it.

Thank you for these vintage pictures, and for your travel recommendations.

We visited several restaurants and a hotel you featured on the blog and had a wonderful time. I'm plotting my return via Mississippi River cruise from Memphis.

Best regards.