Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Daveland in Variety!

Yesterday, I got my first photo credit in Variety, thanks to a photo shoot with comedian/actor Jimmy Fowlie earlier this year.

While we were shooting in Hollywood, he told me that he and his friend Jordan Black were collaborating on a "one-woman show" that would flesh out the play that Emma Stone's character performs in "La La Land." Audiences never get to see the play that Mia (Stone) performs before a virtually empty theatre, but now thanks to the comic touch of Fowlie and Black, we get to experience it in the most wacky way possible.

I got to see the play during its first run in Hollywood, which was extended numerous times thanks to back-to-back sellouts.

Now the show is making its way to Off-Broadway at the Subculture Theater.

Here's a link to the complete article.

And because it's Halloween, I will leave you with this photo from Disneyland showing some of my favorite villains:

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave! KS

Matthew said...

Congratulations Dave! Variety magazine! Be sure to update your Daveland main page to include Artwork seen on Larry King Live, and photography in Variety Magazine.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Fifthrider said...

My congrats to Jimmy and Jordan on such a clever idea. Also, congrats on the Variety magazine notoriety, too!