Monday, October 09, 2017

The Williamsburg Inn

My family's trip to Colonial Williamsburg back in 1971 (I still need to scan those negatives!) was like a visit to Mecca for me. As a young tot, I was a total history freak voraciously reading as much as I could about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and all of the other people involved in the start of this nation. My last trip to Williamsburg was on a 1978 Junior High field trip. 39 years later, I made it back with camera in hand. I stayed at the Williamsburg Inn, a Colonial Revival hotel that began construction back in 1937 along with the restoration that was being done to Colonial Williamsburg itself.

For location, you just can't beat it. You are less than a block from the historic district.

For service, high marks are also earned by this resort hotel. The entire staff was very friendly and attentive. I was told by the Bellman that my room was where Mr. Rockefeller used to stay; apparently he had recently passed away (hopefully not in the room!). I'm not sure which Rockefeller it was, but that alone told me I'd probably gotten a pretty good room!

Real flowers: check!

Soaking tub: check!

Turndown service: check beyond belief!

I think I need to soak in the tub a bit more before I continue posting about the Williamsburg Inn!

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Matthew said...

Lucky! I've never been to Colonial Williamsburg, but I'm going now. GREAT photos and look at that blue sky would ya! I love the fact that the doorman (and/or another staff member), had to step back inside so you could get that red carpet shot of the front door, as both members of the staff are visible through the glass. Let's swap some more history stories soon my friend.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Connie Moreno said...