Thursday, March 09, 2017

Town Square Thursday

Being able to scan negatives is so much better than a print. The details that are available in a negative are crazy amazing. These images come from a 1958 batch that I recently acquired. This first one looks like it came out of a fashion magazine; how about that hat? Image two shows the Omnibus parked in front of the Main Street Train Station.

How about a detailed view? The recently opened Grand Canyon Diorama is featured on the Omnibus' banner:

This alternate angle looks like it was shot from the platform of the train.

The Alice in Wonderland attraction is featured on the opposite side of the Omnibus:

The last one for today shows the Horse-Drawn Streetcar and one of those amazingly vintage hitching posts.

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K. Martinez said...

These are amazingly detailed and I love that they are B/W as that further enhances the details. Thank you, Dave.