Monday, March 27, 2017

Steve Allen in Frontierland

Today Donna Reed and Steve Allen and his sons look puzzled as they attempt to figure out where to go in Frontierland. So many choices! You really can't go wrong with the Mark Twain; seems like a good choice to me!

Two interior shots of Steve and boys at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon:

Last one today is a great shot of Steve on the Rainbow Mountain Railroad. Here comes the photographer!

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K. Martinez said...

The last shot of Steve Allen and sons on the R.M.R.R. loco is great. I don't think I've ever seen that "Dr. Holliday Dentist" sign before. Cool! Thanks, Dave.

Daveland said...

Hi Ken - I posted shots of it four years ago; and you commented on that post as well:

K. Martinez said...

Well, that answers a question I've had for a while. The memory files in my mind are corrupted. Too much information, not enough storage space and data dropout. Pretty soon I'll be going to Disneyland, pass by the Haunted Mansion and say "I don't think I've ever seen this attraction before". Ha!

Chuck said...

They have a Haunted Mansion at Disneyland?!

Anonymous said...

@Chuck, it's like the Columbia, you can only see it at night.