Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Temple Tuesday: Shirley on the Radio

John Florea worked for LIFE Magazine from 1941-1949, photographing some of the most famous actresses of the 1940s. These three shots that he took show Shirley Temple performing on the radio in 1942. Most likely she was performing the role of Judy Graves in the series "Junior Miss." Not quite sure how the birdcage fits in though!

Shirley's movie career was stalled at the time while she was attending Westlake School for Girls and enjoying the life of a normal teenager. Or at least as normal as the girl who was once the most famous child in the world could ever hope to be.

Ads for "Junior Miss" gushed about teenage Shirley:

"A new radiant Shirley Temple—in a magnificent story, worthy of her talents! Made a date to meet her every Wednesday at 9:00 (E.W.T.) You'll lose your heart to this lovable, laughable JUNIOR MISS! Make a Date to Meet Her!

Here's a closeup of two members of the orchestra. That should account for at least a portion of the extravagant $12,000 per episode budget!

The program premiered on March 4, 1942 and ended with the 26th episode on August 26, 1942.

Not a bad little run for our girl Shirley!

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