Friday, March 24, 2017

Steve Allen on The Jungle Cruise

Today it's back to December 1957 as we follow Steve Allen and family aboard the Disneyland Jungle Cruise. Actress Donna Reed has the sunglasses on and is attempting to avoid the paparazzi in the back of the boat.

Anyone want a closer look at that vintage souvenir bag?

Once the initial batch of photos were over, it would appear that Allen and his family moved to a different position on their boat, The Zambesi Miss.

Check out that huge flash attachment to Steve Jr.'s camera!

Even on the Jungle Cruise, Allen must look his best for the cameras. Fix that collar, Steve!

Wish I knew what they were craning their necks to see in this shot.

As the Allen family leaves Adventureland, I wonder where they will go next? Only time will tell. Stay tuned! I wonder what happened to Donna? Did she stay behind with Trader Sam?!?

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DrGoat said...

Those are great. Little did granny know that she would be immortalized in a pic with Steve.

K. Martinez said...

Wowie Zowie! These are awesome! My favorite of the Steve Allen pics so far. I guess that hadn't quite figured out the Jungle Cruise skipper costumes at this point in time. Today's post is extra-cool. Thanks, Dave.

MRaymond said...

I love those cameras. A Kodak Brownie (with flash) and I think the other is an early Polaroid Land camera.

Fifthrider said...

The J.C. skipper looks like he's been replaced by a 1950's Russian hitman.

Chuck said...

That's a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model, manufactured from 1950-61.

I found my dad's example a few years ago at my grandparents' house. No film, but the flash was still loaded with a couple of Ray-o-Vac C-cell batteries with an expiration date of 1963 on them. They were also marked with the statement "if your photoflash battery container is damaged by corrosion, leakage, or swelling of this battery, send the container and the batteries to us for adjustment at no cost to you," but it was really hard to read through all of the battery acid staining.