Monday, March 13, 2017

Skyway Madness

Anyone in the mood for a Skyway blowout? Let's start with an image from 1956, when the Skyway attraction at Disneyland first began operation. What? No Matterhorn? That's correct. Just a big mound of dirt, which came from where the Castle is. It had to go somewhere to make room for the foundation and the moat. I guess that kind of makes it royal dirt.

The rest of today's images are from August, 1959.

Call me a Peeping Tom if you'd like, but I love looking into the buckets and getting a closer view. You can also see the Richfield Autopia Eagle on the right side of the frame.

This detailed view provides a better look at the Astrojet attraction.

On first glance, this one kind of stinks because of the bar running down the center of the frame.

With a little cropping, it becomes a magnificent overhead view of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship.

Tuna boats for all!

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K. Martinez said...

Okay, Peeping Tom! These are awesome photos. I'm always in the mood for the Skyway. Some people miss the PeopleMover most. I miss it too, but it's the Skyway that is my most beloved past attraction. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

The views from the Skyway can't be duplicated. I also enjoy looking beyond the berm to see all the orange groves in the background. Yes, it was once that way. KS

Matthew said...

Always in the mood for a blowout. Now that I type that... I'm not sure what it means. Regardless... great images today Dave! However, I spotted something that I have never seen before. What is the green glass "observation area" connected to the "bar" in the 5th image of the Astrojets? I've never seen that before. Huh??!! It seems like it is too far removed to be the control tower for the attraction. Must be a "show" piece I think.

Now we know where George Lucas got the idea for this image. ;-)

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Graffer said...

That is the old Tomorrowland nautical tower marquee for the Submarine Adventure. There was a very small stage at the bottom of the tower where the Yachtsmen Quartet often performed. Google 'Yachtsmen Quartet' for more pics and there is a video on Youtube.

Small correction: I believe the 'mound of dirt' (AKA Snow Hill) was where they deposited the dirt when digging the castle moat. But that make it no less royal.

Daveland said...

Grader - Sometimes I go back and read the posts I have written and wonder what I was drinking! Thanks for alerting me to my goof!