Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Wright Tour Pt. 6

As I drove into Pasadena to begin my Wright Tour, I noticed the historic Colorado Street Bridge. Built in 1913 by the firm of Waddell & Harrington, it carries Colorado Boulevard (originally called "Colorado Street"), the major east-west thoroughfare connecting Pasadena with Eagle Rock and Glendale to the west, and with Monrovia to the east. The impressive Beaux Arts arches screamed out to me…in a good way. I was determined to get back at one point with my camera, which I did early one morning in order to catch the globed light standards while they were still on during sunrise.

I strapped my camera bag to my back and ran from the hotel in the dark of early morning, which took about 20 minutes. Once I arrived, I got out my equipment and got a few shots of the suicide hotline sign and the plaque at the entrance. Unofficially, the Bridge has been dubbed "Suicide Bridge" due to people taking their own lives from it. A barrier was installed to hopefully prevent this. After I shot this photo of the plaque, the light globes switched off automatically. I was so annoyed, just standing there dumbfounded. Why did I not get the memo that the lights went off at 6:30am?!?

The Bridge still produced a few great photos on the strength of its architecture alone. Hope you enjoy!

You may have seen the Bridge in the 1970s TV show "Emergency!" or the "Leap of Faith" episode of "Full House" or at the beginning of "The Amazing Race" season 21.

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K. Martinez said...

Man, what a great group of photos today! You did a fantastic job photographing the Colorado Blvd. Bridge. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Always great stories and pictures Dave. Much appreciated. KS