Monday, March 07, 2016

Disneyland October 1955

This vintage image from October 25, 1955 shows an elderly woman posing by the Main Street Wooden Indian.

In the closeup view, you can see The Disneyland News for sale on the sidewalk…for only a dime! What a value!

Had it been a few years later, you might have found writer/comedian/actor/musician Steve Martin in this very shop working the typesetting machine.

You may not find Steve at the park, but you can still see the Wooden Indian guarding over this section of Main Street, U.S.A.

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K. Martinez said...

October? Where's the Halloween Time decorations? Love the B/W photo of the woman next to the Wooden Indian. And there's a touch of Christmas with a Santa behind Steve Martin. Nice set today. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

The Wooden Indian is a favorite of mine. I still have a matchbook from the Tobacconist Shop.

Since my visit to Star Wars Launch Bay last Christmas, where they have a life-size Stormtrooper figure for sale at $4500, I am wondering that some enterprising Disney marketer hasn't figured out that they could get a high price for replicas of the Wooden Indian.

I'd be more likely to buy a Wooden Indian figure than the Stormtrooper.

Thank you, Dave.


Chuck said...

I remember a 1976 stroll through the Disneyland Hotel, where they had a display of various-sized plush Mickeys, all for sale. The largest was humongous and priced at $2000, which works out to more than $8300 in 2016 dollars.

I'm with you, JG - I'd rather have a replica of the Indian than a stormtrooper.

PWover50 said...

Wow! How fantastic to see a Disneyland News stand ... I thought the papers were only purchased at the bigger News Stand by the exit from Disneyland. Learned something new.

How many people today would pick up a paper and walk inside to give them their dime, vs. just walking away without paying. Different times.

Really appreciate this photo. Always love background vs. foreground stuff, and the newsstand rack is a classic. You found a real gem.