Monday, March 21, 2016

Roger Rabbit Ride-Thru

Not much time for a post today, so just throwing out the images from my most recent ride-thru of Roger Rabbit's Toon Car Spin. I don't ride this one very often as the lines are typically as bad (if not worse) than Peter Pan in Fantasyland. There aren't many stellar attractions in Toon Town, so this one bears the brunt of that.

A detailed shot of the certificates on the wall:

Ready to spin? Light is green - let's go!

Ever notice these lockers at the end?

Hope you enjoyed today's ride-thru!

Hop on over to my main website and see more photos of this Toontown attraction.


K. Martinez said...

I really like this attraction. Much closer to the classic dark ride feel of Fantasyland's dark rides and very unlike The Little Mermaid attraction in DCA which seems to be missing something. Thanks ,Dave.

Fifthrider said...

Definitely a likable attraction, but unavailable 50% of the time, and of the 50% it is open, I get in line and it breaks down before I get to the front. Other than that, really fun in it's simplicity. I love the "falling" rooms that you pictured. One of the more pleasant queues to burn time waiting in, not in the sun, etc.

nick said...

Excellent photo of the Bullina China Shop and the "Falling Back To Earth thru the buildings" room. Love them both!! Also a good shot of Roger's homage to M.C.Escher (stairs sideway) -- that always passes so quickly I never remember to look to see if there is true dimensionality or if the entire scene (other than Roger) is painted on a single plane.

I love the use of mirrors to make the china shop look bigger than it is, and also the post that prevents us from seeing the reflection of the bull.