Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Wright Tour, Pt. 2

Welcome to Pasadena! The City Hall is an impressive facility with a beautiful courtyard that beckons visitors to walk, relax, and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

At the time I was snapping these shots, the building's fire alarm was blaring as smoke filled the hallways. The smell of sulfur was fairly strong by the time I wrapped up.

Loved this fountain at the heart of the courtyard.

Pasadena seems to have an inordinate amount of historic churches. I was told that for the New Year's Day Annaul Rose Bowl Parade if January 1 happens to fall on a Sunday, the city ordinance forces the Parade to wait until January 2.

I returned to City Hall after dinner to snap a few night shots.

…and back again at sunrise.

I completely lucked out when I stumbled upon the Post Office.

It just so happened that the clerk was opening the building for business.

I was able to tour around this amazingly well-kept historic facility and snap to my heart's content.

A few more church shots:

I loved these graphic quotes that could be found around town:

Bryan - make sure you come back tomorrow as I will begin at the Gamble House. NO trip to Pasadena is complete without visiting this place!

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Chuck said...

These photos remind me so much of Pawnee, Indiana... ;-)

Fifthrider said...

Agh! You got me. Of COURSE you went there. Can't wait until tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying this so much.


K. Martinez said...

Beautiful city hall and a wonderful series on Pasadena. I haven't been there in like about 25 years. Time to go take another side trip to check it out. Thanks, Dave.

beachgal said...

Glad to see you got to Pasadena - lots to see there. Good to know you DID see the Gable house. I had a friend who was a docent there and I've had quite a few lovely private tours and went to a few parties there as well. Pasadena/San Marino/Altadena are all chock full of good places to see. You need to go back and spend more time crawling around.