Friday, March 25, 2016

Walt Loves A Parade

I love it when I get a bargain on something with a detail that nobody notices but me. This strip of four vintage black and white negatives has a shot of Walt Disney and his granddaughters Tammy and Joanna Miller riding through Town Square for a parade in a horseless carriage. I am guessing that Lillian Disney's hand is the one in the background waving.

Wonder where the film footage is now that the gentleman on the left is shooting?

Image two shows…well, not quite sure what the flag carrying men are supposed to represent.

A detailed view:

Thanks to the third image, I am able to get a fairly good idea of what year these negatives are from; most likely 1959 or 1960 based on the Mickey, Minnie, and Three Little Pig costumed character styles.

I am also guessing that this must be a Christmas Parade, and that these three are supposed to represent the Three Wise Men.

You can see the face hole/mesh on this detailed view:

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Anonymous said...

Quite a find there Dave. Worthy of being in the Disney Archives. KS

K. Martinez said...

Really nice photos today. With Walt and family too! Plus Christmas. Most of the adults in these images are probably no longer with us and the guests roaming the park today are almost a completely different set of people. Like where are those men carrying the flags now? It's something I always think about when looking at old vintage photos from the 1950's and '60's

You've got to have one of the most extensive B/W Disneyland photo collections I've seen. I always appreciate it when you post them. Thanks ,Dave.

beachgal said...

The flag carrying men are in various global national costumes and are carrying flags of the countries they represent - the one in the middle with the white flag with some black cross-hatches in each corner visible is So. Korea.

beachgal said...

It's probably a little later than 1959 in the photos, if those are Tammy and Joanna Miller -- those girls are a tad older than 2 and 3 years old which those granddaughters would have been in '59. 1960 might be more like it.

PWover50 said...

I'd put my bet on a Shriners Parade. And I believe that closeup is of a woman and not a man ... perhaps Eastern Star?

Great photo and you can even see the music store in the background to the left of the Opera House.

These are great!

beachgal said...

Those are the three wise men on the stilts -- you can clearly see the Xmas decorations behind the group of spectators (the photo with the guy shooting the super 8 home movies). And it's not a Shriner's Parade - there just happens to be a guy with a Fez on as one of his national costume elements. The other guy has a high top turban like cap that might be something like Lithuanian or Italy - I can't make out his national flag he is carrying.

Unknown said...

Oh my. The Wise Men would have terrified me as a kid!

On a side note.. it's so nice to see you still here. Blogging these days can feel pretty thankless at times, and I've had a lot of blogging buddies and friends drop off and disappear over the years.

It's tough to keep the content coming for years at a time, so my hat is off to you buddy! I must admit, I'm not as active as I used to be with blogging (with the evolution of social media and all) but the writer in me has to keep putting stuff out there, otherwise I'd go crazy.

I do love the instant fix I can get visiting IG accounts (yours included), but some days it's nice just to sit back and peruse blogs for hours on end. Yours is one of the few I can still count on to be there and entertain me! Cheers!

Daveland said...

Ken - B&W only? I'd say the color ones aren't too bad, either - ha!

Beachgal - Thanks for always being there with the scoop - you are an amazing resource!

Darrin - Your comment made my day. Thanks!