Monday, March 14, 2016

Ride-Thru: Peter Pan

Peter Pan's Flight is my favorite dark ride, but because of the long lines, the one I ride the least. As luck would have it, I was able to board a magic pirate ship and enjoy this attraction on a recent visit. Here are a few shots from that journey.

A teasing glimpse from the line queue of the magic that lies ahead.

The line queue mural:

Sailing into the dark, the revamped nursery scene is the first thing that we see.

What a fantastic feeling when you soar over London

and then over Neverland:

Drama! A thrilling fight between Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

A happy ending occurs quickly as our heroes (and heroines) fly home on a magic pirate ship:

Mermaids - could it get any more magical?

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K. Martinez said...

By now you have a large and extensive collection of Fantasyland dark ride photos. These are wonderful! Your interior photography gets better and better as time progresses. Thanks, Dave.

nick said...

Back in 1954 I got to see an early attempt of the flight system -- a track circling the top of a Burbank Disney Studio sound stage. The "pirate ship" was a vertical pipe attached to the drive mechanism, and a horizontal wood plank handing from the pipe. There were no flats or characters or anything that might suggest what this iconic ride would eventually look like. Dave, this is my favorite dark ride also, except when I am actually in a Caterpillar-mobile. Thanks to your excellent photo collection, I can enjoy Peter Pan's Flite any time I want to!