Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Wright Tour Pt. 1

Recently I had the opportunity to take tour created by the Wright Trust in Chicago titled "California Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright & California Modern." How ironic that a group based in the midwest actually gets me to a location only two hours away from my home. The tour was based out of Pasadena, a city I had only visited briefly twice before. After this trip, I am kicking myself in the tush. The host hotel was the Westin Pasadena; while not the typical historical building I would normally choose, it was clean, well-appointed, and centrally located. No complaints here. Well, other than the pool being closed.

The interiors displayed a modern twist on the Craftsman-style that is pervasive throughout Pasadena.

As soon as I arrived, the fun began. Our first stop was the nearby Judson Studios.

For over a century, The Judson Studios has designed, created, and installed hand-crafted, stained, leaded and other unique forms of architectural glass. At the time we visited, they were also involved in a number of restoration projects. The building and property held a number of very cool architectural details.

We were able to see projects that were in the design phase:

As well as those in production:

So true:

Windows from Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple in Chicago were awaiting restoration:

We were unable to photograph the work the company had in progress for Shanghai Disney. Damn those Disney legal eagles.

After we returned from the tour, I took my own walking tour of Pasadena, which is where I will drop you off for today.

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Matthew said...

How cool that you got to spend more time in Pasadena. I love this city. It really went through a revitalization during the early 1990's. It's beautiful... with amazing architecture. Nice post today my friend!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

A Pasadena trip has been one of my long-time hopes too. Thanks for the push in the right direction.


Fifthrider said...

How have you only been there twice? Second to L.A. its the most culturally rich area in the greater L.A. area. Was there on Sunday. Looks like you've got a few weekend trips in the near future. The Gamble House alone....

Daveland said...

Bryan - Patience is a virtue. Tune in tomorrow for what you seek!