Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Space Bar: The Final Frontier

I know very little about this retro-modern food establishment at Disneyland. This slide is dated August 1965, but it is a dupe, and the look of the peeps in the photo makes it seem like it might be a bit older than that. I do not believe that the Space Bar survived the 1967 Tomorrowland remodel.

Here's a closeup of the creepy twin boys at left and the people congregating around the ordering counter:

And a great shot of the vintage Tom Sawyer Island poster:

Another image from my collection gives a better view of the ordering area:

Isn't this elderly couple adorable?

A zoom of the ordering area:

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orbitalpunk said...

Is that a cigarette vending machine behind the old couple? The kind that had a row of pulling levers to make your selection with?

K. Martinez said...

Wonderful photos of the original Space Bar. I love the original designs and architectural style of early Tomorrowland. The first image is a beauty.

The "Space Bar" building was razed for Carousel of Progress, but the "Space Bar" reopened under the Rocket Jets/PeopleMover platform in 1967 until it's named changed in 1977 to "The Lunching Pad" so as not to confuse it with the new "Space Place" restaurant that opened in the then new Space Mountain complex.

Great set today! Thanks, Dave.

DrGoat said...

Those creepy twins are wearing surfer t-shirts, very
popular back in the 60s. Had a blue one myself.

Fifthrider said...

Orbitalpunk beat me to it. Sure looks like it to me.

Darryl said...

Get yer smokes and a 35¢ chili dog...and at fist glance I swore those "creeps" were my brothers, but no, but could have been!

PWover50 said...

A cigarette vending machine and FOUR brothers, two who were obviously twins. Classic shots today!

beachgal said...

Not a cigarette vending machine folks - they had lots of these around the park in the first 10 years that sold various small paper goods souvenirs. That's what the machine is behind the couple pictured here. There were some also that sold packs of a few postcards and/or note cards with some stamps in them. They were packaged in sort of waxy celo envelopes.

orbitalpunk said...

Thanks for the input!

Daveland said...

Ken & Beachgal - Thanks for the great info as always!

swafun said...
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