Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nature’s Wonderland 1960 Construction, Pt. 3

The crowning achievement of the 1960 remodel was the addition of Cascade Peak (aka Three Sisters Falls). Not only was it visually impressive, it also had a functional role of keeping the Rivers of America clean(er) by acting as a filtration system.

Fort Wilderness visible off to the right:

Through the trees, you can see Cascade Peak’s older sister, The Matterhorn:

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stu29573 said...

I loved those falls! Of course, the geology and geography made little sense, but it looked right, and that is what mattered. It seems as a whole, Disneyland (and Disney World)has lost sight of the fact that movement in the environment creates interest. They used to make a big deal about that. Now...not so much.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

This is a great series of construction photos Dave. Enjoying it very much.

Thufer said...

Marvelous series and one most educational. Thank you for these.

JG said...

What Viewliner said.

Wish they had put this back in the recent remodel.

Thank you again Dave, unprecedented look at this important landmark. Being involved in construction at Disneyland is my secret dream. Whoops, not secret anymore.


TokyoMagic! said...

My jaw has dropped to the floor....for the third day in a row! Thanks for these, Dave.

Bob Weaver said...

Amazing photos... I miss Cascade Peak.