Saturday, October 02, 2010

1500th Post - It’s A Celebration, Pt. 2: Adventureland

Sorry, only one attraction poster for my Adventureland section—hopefully the fun photos will make up for it! Note that the “Jungle Cruise” was originally referred to as the Jungle River attraction; an early brochure calls it “Explorer’s Boat Ride through the rivers of Mexico, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Australia.” Dang, that‘s a mouthful! No wonder guests shorted it to “Jungle Cruise!”

Disneyland is truly a marvel of perfection; this is why some of the early images are so charming. They show the hurried nature with which the park was quickly thrown together in order to open on time. This is especially apparent when looking at the early landscaping, lighting, and chicken wire (meant to be a deterrent for guests accidentally trampling the young plantings).

Even in the early days, cleanliness was not just a virtue—it was a necessity! The park was kept spotless by all cast members, not just the custodians.

On July 18, 1955, the park first opened to the public (the day before was the botched invitation only event). Guests stormed the Adventureland Bazaar looking for treasures:

Another July 18, 1955 shot showing crowds and scrawny plants:

Early Disneyland had quite a few hand-painted signs that showed the craftsmanship that went into every detail of the park:

The site of Indiana Jones Adventure was once the home to Magnolia park, which featured a Victorian inspired bandstand:

Dining options in Adventureland included the famous Tahition Terrace; these photos show the Adventureland restaurant that preceded the tropical-themed TT:

The Tahitian Terrace was a blend of tasty Polynesian treats (hope you got to sample the Planters Punch Tahitian!) and hip-swaying entertainment (ladies—hold onto your husbands!). Rumor has it that the Disneyland Hotel will be adding a restaurant that tips its hat to the Tahitian Terrace.

Tropical drinks helped to cool off guests at the Cantina:

The Enchanted Tiki Room has been packing in the crowds since day one (June 23, 1963), and not just because of the air conditioning! Who else but Walt Disney’s team could come up with a show comprised of birds that heckle and sing to test the newly founded technology of audio-animatronics?

Of course the big draw to Adventureland has always been the Jungle Cruise; look at these festively garbed young cast members, making sure that guests are able to get on the Nile Princess safely:

Here’s a skipper from July 1963:

And last (but certainly not least) is this candid shot of some cast members attempting to repair the alligators while baffled guests sail by:

ADVENTURELAND TODAY: Still seemingly the smallest land, it boasts two of the park’s most popular attractions: The Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones.

The Treehouse is still around too, but Tarzan pushed the Robinson family out years ago.

Park purists will also be happy to know that The Tiki Room continues to charm guests with its feathered entertainment.

The Tahitian Terrace became home to Aladdin’s Oasis and at one point an Indiana Jones stunt show. Park guests still beg for the return of the nostalgic restaurant that used to live here.

For dining, you can savor delicious treats on a skewer at the Bengal Barbecue...

...and the ever popular Dole Whip. On a hot day, the line for this pineapple flavored treat can be as long as some of the attractions.


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Thufer said...

Magnolia park, which featured a Victorian inspired bandstand: This was the ill fated Main Street Bandstand...correct?
Those B/W shots of Tahition Terrace are just tasty. Oh what a view that dinning area had!
Waking up Jose was a joy for my oldest daughter on one of her early visits to the park; she still remembers the thrill.
Thanks to Dole; many the day I have been refreshed. More yummmmmmy.
Again, great post with a wonderful selection of eye candy.

Major Pepperidge said...

I love that shot of the pretty hostess with the leis in front of the Tahitian Terrace.

TokyoMagic! said...

Fantastic Adventureland pics...old and new, but the shiny motionless fiberglass Tarzan scared me for a minute. Since I rarely go up in the treehouse these days, I tend to forget about what they "stuck" up in there. Just horrible! Hey Disney, let the Robinsons move back into the tree!!!!

Bob Weaver said...

Is that the same bandstand/gazebo that is now at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach?

Davelandweb said...

Thufer & Bob - you are both correct.

Connie Moreno said...

Grrrrrrrrrreat post!!