Friday, November 09, 2007

Getting Mod, Part 2

Our Mod Squad team from August 1972 starts us off at the Matterhorn today, including a closeup of those crazy climbers; do they know that the crumbling concrete fa├žade is held up by a rotting wooden frame?!?

Next stop: Small World. I’m not a huge fan of this ride. I appreciate Mary Blair, but don’t really care for her work. Love the Sherman Brothers, but this is the one song by them that I can’t stand. Still, some 40 years later this annoying trip of “diversity” (definitely in quote marks!) still packs ’em in. Here are 3 exterior views. Prize to those who can guess how many cans of VO5 went into the first 3 hairdos in shot 1.

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Major Pepperidge said...

No love for IASW! I don't know if the ride is about diversity, I think I recall it being described as a salute to the children of the world...a subtle difference admittedly. Even that song doesn't bother me the way it bugs others...maybe it's my fond memories of listening to the classic Storyteller record (narrated by Winston Hibler).

Chris Merritt said...

Wow - our lighting rigs over there sure are different now!

Anonymous said...

Just a minor point of clarification: While the Matterhorn has some rotting wood facade supports - it's important to realize that the superstructure is primarily steel beam construction.

Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Cool pics! I believe the answer to your question is, 2 full cans of VO5 plus you can kind of see the round profile of a 3rd can in the bottom of her purse, for any needed upkeep during the day. ;-)

Glaxona said...

That's not VO5 hair, that hair's CLEARLY been throughly washed with Prell, then Dippity-Doo and foam curlers applied, followed by a comb and ratting, then a liberal application of AquaNet! *sigh* I would know, foliculles survived said tortures as a teen.