Friday, October 01, 2021

Disneyland Tour, July 1958: Part 2

Our July 1958 Disneyland Tour has progressed to Town Square. I love the cutout detail on the lamppost for the Horse-Drawn Streetcar:

Note the patriotic bunting (it is July, folks!) and the signage hailing the debut of the Columbia: “Full Rigged 3 Masted.”

Need a lift? Plenty of choices in Town Square, from the Omnibus:

The Chemical Wagon:

The Horseless Carriage:

…and the previously mentioned Horse-Drawn Streetcar:

A shot down Main Street, facing towards the Castle:

A closeup of the banner and the cleanup-crew:

Don’t forget to stop at the Kodak Shop to have a nifty old-time photo taken of you and your sweetheart:

Want to know what to do on Main Street? Here are some listings from a 1958 brochure:

Next up: Central Plaza!

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Anonymous said...

I recall the CMs operating the various transport vehicles would indeed accept 10 cents for the ride. They would wear the coin dispenser (for lack of the right term) on their belts to hold and give back change to the guests. Would be cool if you could find a pic with a CM having one. KS

Darryl said...

Interesting it appears guest were staying on sidewalks and not "walking right down the middle of Main Street USA"

Fifthrider said...

Love those comments and agree. Looks like there's only one good time to go to Disneyland, and it's "over forty years ago." Great Scott!

I wonder if kids today even know what those belt coin dispensers are? ...or what coins are? ...or looking before crossing Main Street?

Nanook said...

@ KS-
Those belt coin changers are often referred to as a 'Barrel Changer' - and more-specifically, depending on the number of 'barrels' 'Three Barrel Changer' or 'Four Barrel Changer' if it included a barrel for the Penny.