Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tippi Tuesday

Diverting from  my usual Temple Tuesday, today’s post celebrates another “T” obsession of mine, Tippi Hedren. These shots are all from my favorite (albeit somewhat twisted) Hitchcock movie ever, “Marnie” (1964). The vintage publicity caption for the first photo:

OFF GUARD — ‘Tippi’ Hedren makes an interesting candid camera study as she converses with costumer Rita Riggs. Between scenes on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Marnie,” sex mystery starring ‘Tippi’ Hedren and Sean Connery, a Universal release, in Technicolor.

For all you pervs out there, this “sex mystery” does not show any sex or nudity, but rather deals with sexual themes.

The caption for the second photo:

TEA PARTY — Sean Connery entertains Diane Baker, ‘Tippi’ Hedren and Sue Gauthier with amusing anecdotes at tea time. Between scenes on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Marnie.”

Here, Sean and Tippi’s characters arrive home after a not-so-happy honeymoon. Sean’s character had blackmailed her into marrying him.

This final portrait of Tippi shows her dressed for the morning after her return, when Marnie is about to (unsuccessfully) hit her husband up for some cash as he leaves for the office.

See more Tippi Hedren photos at my website.


Anonymous said...

Hey, man! Saw one of your paintings on FB on a friend's profile. You artwork is awesome. As a fellow acrylic painter, you're impressive as hell. Photo-realism is not my strong suit. You make it look easy Anyway, nice work!

Daveland said...

Thanks Cleveristic! Where can I see your work?

Anonymous said...

You can't lol. Not yet anyway. I've sold everything I have and the two zip drives I had pics of my work on, are now swallowed by The Great unknown.

I did a few paintings recently that I have pics of. I can send them to an email address if you like.

I've been debating starting another blog soon, though. I'll probably put some works up there along with the random cartoon.

Daveland said...

That'd be great; I'm still old school: dvdpicasso@aol.com

Anonymous said...

AOL?! Lol...You're still on MySpace, aren't you? Kidding. (Actually, I probably have a lost-in-the-abyss profile there myself!)

Daveland said...

Myspace?!? Naw...it’s Friendster all the way! ;)

Anonymous said...