Monday, October 25, 2021

Marathon Monday

I haven’t run a race in over three years; the pandemic put a stop to most of the half marathons, but I’m not sure whether I would have done more or not. The last half I did in 2018 was not all that spectacular, and I find myself not wanting to put the training time in to get a good result. But…my friend Angelo did the San Diego Marathon yesterday. Knowing how getting to the starting point can be a pain because of blocked off streets, parking, etc., I offered to drop him off. Hearing the thundering music and seeing the runners heading to the starting point, I could feel the old excitement. Today, people call it “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out.” I don’t have fear; I would say “regret” is a better word. I decided to follow Angelo on the race tracker and try to get some shots of him along the way. As you can see, others had the same idea. I wonder if seeing Michael Myers helped some runners go a little faster?

I saw Angelo after he’d completed about six miles (out of 26!). The guy still looked fresh; unbelievable. I’m lucky if I can look good for the photographers during the first mile and a half. I learned the hard way that the tracker was behind by about 30 seconds. I had to run myself to catch up with him after just missing him by a block the first time around.

It was a beautiful day out, so I thought what the heck; walk around, take some photos, and get him towards the finish line, too. I headed towards downtown where the race was going to end.

After sitting about ten minutes, I got antsy. Why not walk along the race route and catch him a little sooner? I also encountered one of the bands, the naked i.

I think I’d prefer some dance music; rock 'n' roll does not stir me to go faster. Unless it’s super bad; then I’d want to get away from it.

Next thing I knew I was walking along the shutdown 163 at mile 25. Here’s a view of the runners from the overpass:

And the band playing overhead:

Ooh…an interesting stamp in the concrete along the bridge!

Back to the race… I finally saw Angelo at mile 24. Still looking fresh. Life is not fair.

He was feeling good, but glad to be only a few miles from the finish.

Later this week I will post the shots of San Diego that I snapped during my stroll. Will I do another half? I might. I do miss the excitement and the competition of a race. Maybe a 5k or a 10k first. And most of all, I need to finish my book first. So much to do…

Congrats to all who finished yesterday!

See more photos at my main website.

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Fifthrider said...

My congrats to Angelo. It really was perfect weather for a run, not that I have any idea what that's like. I was in traffic going s/b on 163 around 8am, admiring all the shutdown lanes. I've lived here almost all my life and don't think I've ever seen that. Kudos to you and Angelo for getting up at the crack of "before O' Dark Thirty" just to make it out there. He doesn't look like he broke a sweat once in those 26 miles.