Monday, October 04, 2021

Disneyland Tour, July 1958: Part 3

After your journey to Disneyland, you might be a bit hungry. The Red Wagon Inn at Central Plaza is a nice choice! Sign says it’s open...why are these people gathered outside?!?

Across the way you would find The Pavillion:

Here is a series of sequential images that begin at Plaza Street, showing the Ruggles China and Glass shop and (eek!) the Pablum Baby Station.

There are miniature parking lanes for the strollers. How cute!

The Disneyland Band begins their journey towards Main Street:

Vesey Walker proudly leads the crew towards the Train Station:

The Penny Arcade and Candy Palace:

Last one in the sequence shows the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner:

Serving up DELICIOUS sandwiches. At least that’s what the sign says.

Just a month earlier, this shot was taken of Walt and “Alice in Wonderland” heading towards Central Plaza/Fantasyland to celebrate the opening of the new dark ride.

A closeup of the carriage’s celebrities:

Last view from July 1958 shows the moat outside the Castle:

You can see the Plaza Gardens bandstand in the background on the left, and the top of the Columbia towering overhead:

Which Land should we go to first? Adventureland? Frontierland? Fantasyland? or Tomorrowland?

See more Disneyland Central Plaza photos at my website.


Fifthrider said...

Strollers,... So much to say but for once I wont. Still, a baby shop next to glassware. I don't see that placement going wrong. I can't tell if "Alice" is Kathryn Beaumont or not, but that coach driver definitely looks like Owen Pope. It's probable that Walt would have asked Owen himself to drive for a special event.

Darryl said...

I would choose we can take a look at this new fangled Alice ride-thingamajig. I spy a gentleman on the extreme far left edge of Walt's buggy...wearing SHORTS! Oh, the horror! Has he no decency?!

Nanook said...

It's definitely hard to tell from the photo just who is portraying 'Alice'. But Karen Pendleton (of Mickey Mouse Club fame) was on-hand [in costume] with Walt to christen the ride. She can be seen in other images from the opening standing along with Walt, and the [then] scary-looking Mickey and Minnie costume characters.