Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wednesday in the (not so) Wild West

This undated 1950’s image shows early Disneyland. Looks like the bad guys and the good guys are exchanging stories in Frontierland (I see Black Bart and Sheriff Lucky in this one). Closing in we can see the “office” of Willard P. Bounds, blacksmith AND U.S. Marshal of Frontierland. You can also see Eddie Adamek’s trick ropes for sale, strewn in a semi-circle over the counter.

Farther on the right you can see the sign for the Miniature Horse Corral (which closed in 1957):

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Matthew said...

Great pictures today Dave! What the heck is that metal thing on that kid's head in the first photo (boy in the red Hawaiian shirt)?

Speaking of metal, I love that metal cash register in the second "close up" shot of the Willard P. Bounds Blacksmith and U.S. Marshal "shop." Also, is that cigarette in Black Bart's fingers? Smoking???!!! ONSTAGE!!!!???!!!! Sitting???? ONSTAGE!!!!???!!! No wonder Walt needed to set some standards. Finally, Willard P Bounds' log structure was there for many years... as part of the dining patio to Casa Mexicana. I think it may have been lost to the Rancho Del Zocalo extension and walk way.

The Miniature Horse Corral closed to make way for the Frontierland Shoot'n Arcade. But I can't remember what year that opened... obviously post 1957. ;-)

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

@Matthew, thanks for that info, I was puzzling over where this was, and you solved it.

I think the weird "calabash" posts were re-purposed in the Shooting Gallery Arcade since posts like that were a feature of that facade for a long time.

It's so interesting to see how unfinished so much of early Disneyland was in the beginning.


Daveland said...

Matt - I was wondering about the cigarette, too! Bad show!

JG - I agree; seeing Disneyland in its early stages without the crowds is kind of cool!