Wednesday, October 07, 2020

How to Date a Clock

Sometimes it takes a bit of careful sleuthing to identify the date of an unmarked Disneyland slide. Fortunately, this image of the Clock of the World at the entrance to Tomorrowland yields a few clues. The Avenue of Flags were moved to the entrance in 1956, and the patriotic bunting on the lightposts in Central Plaza tell us this image was taken in July. You’ll also note the attraction poster for The Mickey Mouse Club Theater move “3D Jamboree” which debuted in 1956.

The back of the white sign in front of the castle gives the best clue of all, though.

Here’s another 1956 image of the Castle:

This type of  map/sign was gone by 1957.

Looks like the colorful image leading our post today was from July 1956. NOW I can rest easy!

See more vintage Disneyland Clock of the World photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

I'm always impressed at your ability to narrow those things down.

Darryl said...

And to me it looks to about straight up noon...ish

Daveland said...

Fifthrider - It comes with having seen a few vintage Disneyland images and having one or two in my collection to compare!

Darryl - Ever wonder who was in charge of making sure the clock was on time?