Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday with Tippi

A few recently acquired shots of Tippi Hedren from the Alfred Hitchcock psychological thriller, “Marnie” (1964). Running close to my other obsessions The Chateau Marmont, Disneyland, and Shirley Temple, this movie has fascinated me since the first of many times I have watched it. The first image shows the pivotal scene when Marnie (Tippi) begins to trust Mark (Sean Connery), the man who had recently blackmailed her into marriage. Since he was attempting to cure and rehabilitate her from her frigidity and kleptomania, that makes it all ok! Connery does not look quite as comfortable as Tippi does with the horse! From the film’s big finish, Tippi is shown recalling the sordid past events of her childhood that made her the way she is.

Hitch delivered a Hollywood ending that satisfied the Studio, but added just enough ambiguity that one wonders whether the leads truly ended up in a state of bliss.

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