Monday, October 19, 2020

Motor Boat Monday

This August 1963 colorful gem shows the Disneyland Motor Boat Cruise attraction. This slow-paced ride was not a huge hit, but definitely has/had its fan base. Guests who just wanted to relax and have a slow leisurely ride around the waterways at Disneyland loved it. Those who were easily honked off about the mechanical failings of the boat and the lack of interesting scenery avoided it.

Since 1993, this area has sat vacant, alternately used as an outdoor smoking area and a place for guests to relax. The last time I shot it was in 2011. It is surprising that the Disney Corporation would let prime real estate like this languish, especially considering its proximity to it's small world and the Fantasyland dark rides.

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Fifthrider said...

The best part about that ride was the 70's ( or sooner? ) when they introduced a brass bell on the dash of each boat. Kids could pull the rope and clang the bell as they drove around. It was interactive. You could just clang that bell over and over until every other guest including your own parents hated you and wished you would just stop already. No chance. Clang-clang-clang! This is why my parents made me ride around in the back seat as a kid. I know it.

JG said...

On my last solo visit, the line for IASW extended across the parade route and was snaked around the parade viewing platforms above the lagoon in photo 2. While waiting, I had a nice time remembering the old motorboat ride, and like you, wondering why that whole area sat empty.

I thought for a while that a food service dining area would be put out there on the old quay, but that doesn't seem to have happened either.

Maybe they will add Johnny Depp to a new, improved motorboat ride, or put a Princess Meet-N-Greet out there.


Daveland said...

Fifthrider: You were a rabble-rouser even as a kid!

JG: The Park needs to reopen first. I'm sure there's some top-secret redevelopment plan out there that includes the MBC area.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that all of the water in the park is connected in some way. Could that be the reason this prime location has not bee utilized?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1

Yes, all the Park "Dark Water" System is connected throughout, intake is near where Cascade Peak used to be, and the water is released out into the canal boat and motorboat area and is piped around to the Castle moat, etc. and eventually into the Jungle Cruise and the Rivers of America.

I doubt that this Dark Water system precludes renovating this area since pipes could be added or re-routed.

Here is a link explaining >>