Wednesday, May 27, 2015

60th Anniversary Trip, Pt. 11

Even though I was running late, I couldn't control my urge to take photos along the way. Small world looked so good at night!

And this little gem of a path through Fantasyland looked beautiful too!

Finally I arrived for my reserved "space" along the River. The price of dinner and show does not include a chair…and you are not allowed to stand. Sit your fanny on the ground and enjoy the entertainment!

It had been about three years since I last saw Fantasmic! and it was just as enjoyable.

I still do "get" the forced story of Mickey's Imagination, so I just push that aside and take in the visuals and awesome musical arrangements.

The Columbia sails in with the cast of "Peter Pan."

A female Peter…

and Captain Hook…

with a chin that is not designed for closeups.

Here is the Crocodile that we saw in the post from the other day, chasing Captain Hook and the Columbia into the night.

And then it's time for the Princess barges. Snow White:


and Ariel:

Don't get too comfortable; the Evil Queen returns and gets things stirred up with her magical cauldron:

Somebody better called "Botched"...

This transformation did not go well!

Mickey comes back to fight the forces of evil

specifically Maleficent:

The dragon was working very well during this performance. It really is an incredible piece of mechanics:

Despite it's size, Mickey is able to conquer it with his magical sword:

A green heart; that can't be good.

The arrival of Steamboat Willie signals a happy ending:

The entire cast is aboard the Mark Twain:

The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland":

And then it's time for the grand pyrotechnical finale!

Laser beams:


And a final blast of fireworks:

Mickey is magically back on the ground!

More Fantasmic! fun at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

In Fantasmic!, the dragon really is a mechanical marvel, but the part of the show that provokes wows of excitement and wonder from me every time is when the Columbia ship sails in with the cast of Peter Pan. With the cannon blast, music score and action sequences where Peter Pan and Captain Hook are dueling, it still gets me every time.

BTW, where exactly is that little gem of a path through Fantasyland?

Thanks, Dave.

Daveland said...

The path is between small world and Storybook Land.

K. Martinez said...

Thanks, Dave. For some reason I thought it was along the western edge of the old Motor Boat Cruise area.

TokyoMagic! said...

Your close-ups of Captain Hook also allow us to see that he still has the use of his left hand (if need be) which is just covered up with a black glove and the hook is actually sticking out alongside it.

Dave, is there any standing allowed anywhere for Fantasmic? I know you were in a reserved section, but did you notice if anyone was allowed to stand up in the Fastpass or standby sections?

Daveland said...

Chris - To be honest I was so wrapped up in trying to get photos that I didn't pay attention.

Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY said...

Love these great shots you got! My favorite part is the dancing monkeys to the jungle music. I just recently watched Fantastic again after probably about 10 years or more and I noticed that the huge Ursula is no longer included! I was looking forward to seeing her. Do you have any photos in your archives of when she was still in the show?

Daveland said...

Hi Chrissy - Looks like I don't. Sorry!