Tuesday, May 26, 2015

60th Anniversary Trip, Pt. 10

Welcome to Mickey's House! For those of you looking for a semi-private meeting with everyone's favorite cartoon rodent, this is the place to go!

This time I skipped the meet and greet and just shot photos of the interior!

SOOOO many fun details to check out here. My main reason for coming to Toontown was because of the abundance of rumors that it might be ripped out for another themed land/attraction. A cast member assured me that wasn't the case, but why I take a chance? I clicked my shutter away furiously!

This reminds me of my closet at home.

What a cool living room; Craftsman meets Toon.

This was the hardest one to get; I could barely get my shot composed before another group entered.

Lots of messages for Mickey!

A nod to Steamboat Willie.

This is one happy radio.

Next up: Minnie's house!

I didn't venture too far into this one; it was swarming with kids.

Just another typical Toon living room…

until you look closer and see the bag of Oreos on the couch. Many a tyke checked it out but decided not to indulge. Wise choice.

Minnie's radio; no smile here!

Love the magazines; Cosmousepolitan!

I'd never noticed this gazebo before; something new?

Daisy doesn't get a house; she gets a ship.

These falls look better than the backside of water!

Goofy's Place:

The line was too long for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, but I still got a few exterior shots.

Today's first panoramic view of Toontown:

Wouldn't it be cool if these buildings were actually functioning? A Toon City Hall could have so many possibilities.

Toontown sure looks good at night; glad I waited for sunset to occur.

By the time I got this last panoramic shot, I had to skeedaddle over to the Rivers of America for Fantasmic!

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K. Martinez said...

I doubt Toontown is going to disappear anytime soon. When they do a Star Wars addition, I don't think it will be the Star Wars Land everyone is talking about. Disney will probably just expand its presence in Tomorrowland.

Love the Fibber McGee closet. While I'm not a fan of the actual attractions at Mickey's Toontown, I do love the themed land itself for the architecture and visual puns. Glad you photographed it. And yes, it is amazing that you were able to photograph the rooms with no people. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

I have a soft spot for Toontown even though on the surface, there's a lot of things I don't like. Especially the forced humor of the whole thing "HA HA EVERYTHING IS BENT LAUGH HARD".

As usual, the emotional connection comes from family visits, we spent a lot of time here because the Roger Rabbit movie was just new and this was the major new addition to Disneyland when our two kids were just the right age to enjoy it.

Now that I visit on my own, I just take a quick walk through and head back out. The area really needs some shade, it's so hot. Why are there no Toon Trees? I feel really sorry for all the young moms and dads, sweltering with their strollers and families in tow. Been there, done that.

Also, like so many things lately at Disney, it seems to be a one-trick pony. There's a lot of potentially fun things that could be done with the concept of an alternate Toon universe, but the development ended at the Roger Rabbit film. I expected at least one sequel or an Afternoon Avenue spin-off, or something. The collision of Mickey Mouse and Raymond Chandler should have been too good to leave it lie. Apart from RR, there's nothing for an adult to do. Everything is geared to the elementary school age and younger, quite different from the other Disney lands with a mix of things appealing to all ages.

If TT fell down tomorrow, I would shed a tear for Roger, the fallen safe and the Jail with the rubber bars (I have some great photos with these props) but, I wouldn't mourn much else.

Thank you, Dave. Very nice pictures of things for which I no longer have the patience to wait.


Matthew said...

Thanks Dave for the photos. One thing I always enjoyed about Toontown was reading the names ofthe different books and magazine our toons enjoy. As you may recall, my favorite is still when you leave Minnie's house, and look back in toward the kitchen... there in the corner next to her cookbooks is a book, entitled, "Elvis, What Really Happened."

This gag about what really happened to Elvis and did he fake his own death continues to get a lot of play. There have been songs written about it, "Outdoor Elvis" by the group The Swirling Eddies to Television show references on "Psych"
Shawn: Please don’t say that to Gus or he’ll tell you that Michael Jackson is not dead.
Gus: He learned to fake his death from Lisa Marie.
Shawn: Which implies that Elvis is still alive.
Gus: Elvis died two years ago. Is there no end to your gullibility? I told you that two years ago. He was a cashier in a shoeshine store.

Well fans... if you really want to know what happened to Elvis, you need to stop by Minnie's house and read that book.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Fifthrider said...

Great shots Dave. I heard the same and took a thousand pics inside Mickey's at every step along the way. Never did make it into Minnie's due to crowding. I love the can behind Cosmousepolitan that says "Jessica's Secret." Maybe Toontown has a clothing shop we don't know about? Also, not to be a killjoy but Donald's house is named Miss Daisy, where Daisy's house is the Airstream trailer past goofy's house. ( I think it's actually a snack vendor. )

Although cast members will always reassure that something isn't leaving anytime soon, I find the opposite to be true. The more they insist it isn't going anywhere, the more TDA surprises everyone ( including CMs ) the next week by shutting something down forever. The low attendance numbers to this land are a sticking point for TDA and plans to make some form of alteration are already beyond the concept sketch phase. In all fairness those same sketches were shown at the same C33 meeting where they also claimed Tommorowland would soon become StarWarsLand, which I now hear is a stale issue. Either way, change is coming, get pics now.

K. Martinez said...

@Fifthrider - What specific plans to make some form of alteration to Toontown are beyond the concept sketch phase?

TokyoMagic! said...

I would not miss Toontown if it were to disappear tomorrow. For me, Toontown has always felt just "tacked on" to the rest of Disneyland and has never felt like it belonged. When Toontown was added to Tokyo Disneyland, they put a berm with established trees all the way around it making it feel like it belonged to the park as much as any other land. Without a berm, Anaheim's Toontown sort of feels to me, like California Adventure....too much openness and also too hot as JG mentioned above. It seems like this area would be the perfect spot to expand Fantasyland. How about some more dark rides....maybe one based on Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin? How about building a decent Pooh ride like Tokyo Disneyland has and then putting Country Bear Jamboree back where it belongs? They could even keep the Roger Rabbit ride and Mickey's meet 'n greet when they bulldoze the rest of the land. Oh well, I know it would most likely never happen, but that is what I would do with that space!

Daveland said...

Matt - Thanks for all the great info. Now I need to get back to Minnie's house!

Matthew said...

Thanks Dave for the shout out. Next time just sneak in through the exit... in fact you don't even have to step into the house to see the book. Just stand in the kitchen doorway. Keep em coming Dave!