Monday, May 04, 2015

Quadricycling on Main Street

The Dapper Dans are an integral part of Main Street, U.S.A. and have been since 1959. Who could resist a quartet on a quadricycle singing as they pedaled through Disneyland? This first shot is from 1965 and shows the singing group of the past posed in front of the House of the Future.

In this undated 1950's shot, the Dans are whizzing by the Upjohn Pharmacy. Sure wish I knew what happened to the light fixture!

The Dans are attempting to keep up with the Horse-Drawn Streetcar, circa August 1961:

The Wurlitzer Shop makes an appropriate backdrop for the musical quartet in this March 1965 image:

Last one for today is this 1960's publicity shot:

I wonder if the Dans of today are still able to ride and sing?

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Joe Shelby said...

Yeah, they're still at it. This was taken on April 22nd.

In fact, thanks to wireless tech, you can still hear them singing at the fire station and other parts of the city hall area plaza as they ride away.

K. Martinez said...

The last photo is dreamlike. I love the red shirt the boy is wearing. He's also wearing flip-flops too! Maybe he's a Jungle Cruise skipper in training.

MRaymond said...

I like these costumes more than the bubble gum colors they wear now. Classic elegance.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Dave.

I love those guys, especially when they have their Deagan organ chimes with them. I remember the first time I heard them play those and was thrilled.

DonBosco3 said...

Would like to know what happened to the original bikes?

Daveland said...

DonBosco3: Me too!